So we all know that you can’t use copyrighted content on any videos that you upload to youtube, but what if you could without it would harm your youtube channel at all ? Right now if your videos contain copyrighted content like music or long clips from other creators will it be claimed and all […]

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A lot of people is trying to find out how to earn money online. But its not as hard as your think. Twitter is the easier way to earn money online since its easier to grow your Twitter with target traffic for what ever you trying to sell to earn money trough affiliate.   Good […]

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Are you seeking more visibility for your YouTube videos? Are you wondering how others do it? If you want the massive views, exposure and targeted traffic that YouTube offers, you need to focus on first building an audience—or as YouTube calls them, subscribers. Why YouTube Subscribers? A YouTube subscriber is someone who has chosen to […]

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YouTube presents a huge opportunity to business owners who are willing to take the plunge into video marketing. Think about this recent stat from eMarketer: While 41% of US small businesses use Facebook, only 9% use YouTube. While video can provide a serious boon when it comes to engagement for your business, the competition – […]

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