So many gaming youtubers or streamers have a partnership with g2a or other websites alike. But the question is, what sells the most of all games and wich one should you promote to gain the most out of your affiliate partnership with your affiliate. I have taken a look on my feed what have been sold the most of since the start of my accounts birth. I have found the top 5 games that sell the most and will also explain a bit about the game.


  1. CSGO Skins

I know that CSGO skins aren’t games, but its for sure topping the list with the most sales and have the most profits of all time also because there have been no cost for the company to get the skins so they can easy give you a bigger % of every skin sale. You can see what skins g2a have here .

2. The Elder Scrolls Online

The elder scrolls have been one of the favorites with people for many years. Its a online MMO/RPG game where you wont pay a monthly fee like you do with World of Warcraft and it seems to get more and more users to join in on the scrolls. I play the game my self and its quiet a lot of fun. You make quest as in other MMO/RPG games and join guilds and do PVP if you like. You can still attack guards of any city you enter like you always have been able to in any Elder scrolls games. You can click here to get the game now!

3. H1Z1 King of the kill

King of the kill made by Day Breaker is just an other king of the hill game. But hold your horses its the fastest growing king of the hill community and is number 3 most selling game on our list. So if you wanna join in with all the streamers and youtubers who play this game like Mini Ladd, SeaNanners and more then click here

4. Age of empires III

Ahhh the good old days with age of empires, i remember when i was 6 years old and played one of the very first of the age of empire games ever made. People seems to still like the very old game and takes a 4th placve on our list. Click here to start building and killing your enemies !

5. Assassin’s Creed Unity

The very last game on the list is Assassin’s Creed wich beside Call of duty and battlefield made the most series of a game. Wanna be an assassin and climb buildings and kill your enemies in the most cruel ways then this is the game for you. Explore a full out open world game here


In the end of the day being a youtuber or streamer fulltime is driving a company and that company would need to have an income to keep doing what they do. I hope that this list will help you gain some sort of input on what games sell the most and hope it will help you gain that exstra to help you keep streaming or making youtube videos the way you like. We will make a new video with new products if we see the market change and hopefully keep you up to date with the movement and help you keep growing.

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