So the time have come and i’m now official partner with g2a. If you dont know what g2a is then keep on reading because i will tell you what they are. G2A is one of the biggest multi vendor websites in the world for games, softwares and ingame items. You can with G2A buy games and more up to 80% cheaper then anywhere else on the internet. I’ll be showing you some eg down below all this for a few games with a full link to the game in the website if you wanna buy the game or other things.


First item can be the Random case 500 dollars. Basicly you buy this item and you will either gain a link or a code that you can use on g2a to get case openings for 500 dollars worth and have a chance to gain really expensive skins.  (caserandom website)

Click here to See more


You can also buy skins as i said like a Karambit Tiger Tooth for  or a M9 Bayonet Marble Fade or any of the other many skins that you can buy on the website.

Buy Skins here


How it works ?

Well you just add your trade URL to your account and have your steam account linked to you G2A profile and when you buy will the item be send with the G2A steam bot to your account right after the sale.


Beside that is there also what made g2a what they are today.. The games.. You will find the biggest selections of games on the web for all sorts of platforms like steam, origin and uplay and even indie games that other gamers have made. You can just see the New Games Section where you will find a lot of Indie games beside new games from bigger companys like EA and Ubisoft. They also give you the chance to see whats the Bestsellers of the store and even what you can pre-order of games that is on the way.


I hope this helped you a bit to understand what G2A is, but in case if i havn’t answered all your questions please feel free to write a comment and i will reply to it as soon as possible.


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