We do now have a new partnership with a travel website. Its a fully new site that allow you to search flights and hotels from 400+ websites around the world. Its in Alpha stage right now so there is some functions and languages that aren’t working 100% but the website is updated all the time to publish as much as possible and make it a better website for its customer.

With its multi route search can you find more then one flight in case you would have to take more then one flight to different locations so you can plan your flights for the whole travel if you are a business man or maybe wanna go to more then one country.

The site will always list the cheapest flight first and if the data is available it will show prices a week forward for the date you picked to give you options to get a cheaper flight in case you don’t care what date you fly.


The front of the site also list prices on special locations. 6 locations from 5 different locations on each with a normally good price for the ticket.



We hope you can use this kind of website to find your next travel.



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