A lot of people is trying to find out how to earn money online. But its not as hard as your think. Twitter is the easier way to earn money online since its easier to grow your Twitter with target traffic for what ever you trying to sell to earn money trough affiliate.


Good Tools


This is a good list of tools that will help you sell your product on autopilot.



  • Crowdfire is a mobile app and website that allows you to grow your Twitter account within your target traffic. This Can Also send out a message to your New followers and this Can be where you explain and link to what you sell.
  • 101ultimatehosting.com is a great hosting company to host Any website. I personally use them and i Think they are better Then others.
  • WordPress is the best blogging system for Any affiliate website. You Can now and days find a template for Any niche that is made for affiliate. It is a blogging software but it Can be used for anything.
  • Affiliate links is needed to earn money online. You Can use Clickbank as most people or me using a gaming website g2a to earn my money online on affiliate



With the tools i have listed have i earned about 500 euros extra a month just on games affiliate, you Can earn much more If you want to with just spenting 5 to 30 mins writing or using some of the listet tools or Any other niche.


What is G2A?


G2A is the biggest website out there Selling digital goods like games, softwares and ingame skins and items. All bug events, websites, youtubers and twitch streamers are partner with them and earn a lot more on the traffic they gain from there. If its the Niche you want will i leave a link directly to the affiliate part so you Can start earning money on games and skins.




So If you wanna blog and use Twitter to gain leads is it a good idea to have this in a blog post for your website to gain Traffic.


  1. Write 300 to 500 words as min every post you make, If your not a Big writer Can you find people who wanna do it for 5 dollars online.
  2. Have a main photo on the post to gain more traffic and something that is about your topic. Google will give you traffic from images.
  3. Have strong keywords on every post. The more the better. Like full words as “cheap games” wich Also Can be set as “cheap” and “games” after so you will gain 3 keywords just from 2 words.
  4. Post atleast once a week to gain a lot more traffic. I have with my blog over 20.000 users with approved accounts.




Well the best way to earn money is to come out with something strong and different  from others. You can make reviews of any product and do it your way and not something really boring to listen to. Have some fun into your reviews because people love watching someone that can make fun and still give a good review of a product.
Beside that can you link to the product down below with affiliate and on the same time earn money on ads showing on your youtube videos. You will be able to combine youtube with your website, twitter and other social networks to gain more traffic to the videos. And you can use your youtube videos within your blogs.

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